Black sheep
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Pattern By
Claire Garland
Needles & Crochet hook size
- Single Point: US 4 - 3.5 mm and US 5 - 3.75 mm
Yarn Weight
- Aran
EYES – pair 8mm grey toy eyes with plastic backs - however if the toy is intended for a very young child then please stay safe and embroider french knot eyes instead EXTRA – heavy-weight toy filling, length dark brown 4-py yarn for the nose and hoof detail
Finished size
22cm/8.5in - nose to tail
Hello Spring #freebeefridayknits! Hello Spring lamb - lovely lambs - can’t you just hear them bleating… Found the perfect yarn for this - Bouclé - I used Drops Alpaca Bouclé but there are others you could use… the finish is just the softest - in fact, I thought I’d need more than one ball (which you most definitely don’t)l and I thought I’d have the time to make a brown lamb too - so I’ve got a stash of Bouclé!! A Bouclé bounty! Head and body knitted in one piece with simple short rows - the legs I added on afterwards - and you know what - boucle is very, very forgiving if you’re not so neat at sewing seams (“yay”!) He’s not a life size lamb by the way - but just as tender and sweet! And - free for a lifetime! Please come along and join in with my other knitted creatures - I’ve an Instagram account - with a hashtag #IMadeThisRabbit I’ve a facebook page dedicated to your knits - #imadethisrabbit For more information, see:
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